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What should aluminum extrusion profile manufacturer pay attention to when producing

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Update time : 2023-06-02 10:14:09
In the process of producing aluminum extrusion profile, aluminum extrusion manufacturer needs to pay attention to a lot. When dealing with it, it should be standardized, so that it is more beautiful and durable in the future use. Next let's take a look at the details of aluminum extrusion profile production.
1. Making of fixture and selection of feeding method: the fixture hanging at both ends should ensure that it can bear considerable weight pressure; In the process of making and using the fixture used in the middle part, the size of the contact point of the fixture and aluminum extrusion profile on the outer surface should be reduced as far as possible, and the vertical hanging rod position should be filled in time, and the position of the profile in the hanging tool should also follow the corresponding principle.
2. Compared with the ordinary pretreatment process before oxidation, the pretreatment process is simple, mainly for degreasing and chromium, and the raw material consumption will be lower. In order to improve production efficiency in the pre-treatment process, aluminum extrusion profile and reduce energy consumption in the drying process, adopt a larger material rack, as much as possible to install aluminum extrusion profile to be processed.
3. Problems to pay attention to in the spray room: before the formal spray powder, you can try to spray several times, this time you can observe the size of the powder at both ends of the spray room and the degree of uniform powder distribution. At this time, the powder moves in a straight line within 10cm of the end of the spray claw. The powder adsorbing on the surface of the aluminum extrusion profile is actually this kind of atomizing effect. Whether the powder has this atomizing result is used as a criterion to command the distance between the spray claw and the aluminum extrusion profile.
4. When the drying process is finished, there is still water remaining, to avoid damaging the extrusion film on the surface of the profile and when the temperature is too high the aluminum extrusion profile easily deformation, should not be put into the furnace to bake, can be used air gun dry or cool dry.
In a word, when aluminum extrusion profile manufacturer produces, attention should be paid to the above details, which can extend the service life of the profile product in the later stage.
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