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Various surface treatment methods of aluminum profile product performance introduction

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Update time : 2023-01-11 19:17:32
Since its establishment, we have fully introduced the world's advanced production equipment, forming many production lines, covering the surface treatment methods of oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying, fluorocarbon, heat transfer wood grain and heat insulation (threading and glue), all kinds of aluminum profiles have superior physical and chemical properties.
Powder spray and fluorocarbon spray paint have a variety of colors, while electrophoretic paint color is more monotonous, generally only the color of previous anodizing. On the surface, electrophoretic paint and fluorocarbon spray paint are much smoother than powder spray, while electrophoretic paint keeps the stripes of the aluminum profile itself, which can better reflect the natural color of the aluminum profile, while powder spray fluorocarbon spray paint completely covers the aluminum matrix.
The gloss of anodized and fluorocarbon painted aluminum profiles is generally in the range of low light, powder spraying from matte to highlighter optional, electrophoretic paint gloss is generally in the range of highlighter.
Adhesion of the coating
From the standard requirements, the adhesion requirements of powder coating, fluorocarbon coating and electrophoretic coating are the same. But from the actual use and test results, electrophoretic paint is the best, followed by fluorocarbon spray paint, relatively powder spray to a little.
Hardness can be measured from two aspects, one is surface hardness, the other is wear resistance. From the surface hardness point of view anodic oxide film is the hardest, followed by fluorocarbon coating, and from the test is difficult to compare the hardness of powder coating and electrophoretic paint film, but from the actual use effect, powder coating is more difficult to touch flowers than electrophoretic paint film. In terms of wear resistance, aluminum profiles are anodic oxide film, electrophoretic paint film, fluorocarbon coating, powder coating.
Alkali resistance
The anodic oxide film has the worst alkaline resistance and the fluorocarbon coating the best. When subjected to alkali corrosion, powder coating is more prone to discoloration and loss of light than electrophoretic coating, but electrophoretic coating is more prone to corrosion into the substrate than powder coating.
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