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Aluminum radiator profiles or copper radiator is better

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Update time : 2023-01-09 19:40:08
Heat sinks are widely used. Different heat sinks meet different needs of users. Consumers in their usual attention to the way of heat dissipation and heat dissipation technology of the radiator will have some understanding, but in terms of heat dissipation material, in the face of numerous publicity and a wide variety of heat dissipation equipment, it is inevitable that they will be confused and fall into the misunderstanding of purchasing.
At present, the radiators on the market are mainly divided into aluminum radiator profiles and copper radiators.
Aluminum radiator profiles has become one of the most widely used radiator materials due to its low density, good ductility and easy processing. However, the hardness of pure aluminum is insufficient and the machinability is poor, so in the actual production, aluminum manufacturers use aluminum alloy to manufacture actual products (aluminum accounts for about 98% of the total composition) in order to ensure that the products have appropriate hardness. Of course, doping with other metals will lead to reduced heat dissipation performance. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is 237. Compared with copper, the thermal conductivity is worse, but the higher specific heat capacity makes aluminum reduce more heat while reducing the same temperature.
Compared with aluminum, the thermal conductivity of pure copper is 401, which is nearly one times higher than aluminum. So normally, copper is very conductive. However, although copper has good thermal conductivity, the specific heat capacity of the copper radiator is small, the heat dissipation speed is relatively slow, resulting in heat accumulation, but not conducive to overclocking and stability, need to be combined with high power and high speed fan or heat pipe, in order to achieve the ideal heat dissipation effect. And the price of copper is more expensive, processing difficulty is higher. The heavy weight also brings trouble to the installation.
A good radiator, not only to see its material selection, only comprehensive judgment of its performance to pick a good radiator. Such as cost, processing, cost performance, etc., the price of pure copper is too high and processing is very difficult, so the cost performance is low, which doomed it to become the mainstream, so aluminum radiator profiles is the first choice for cooling these devices.
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