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What is the knowledge of aluminum profiles for doors and windows?

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Update time : 2022-08-23 09:43:33
First, the definition of aluminum doors and windows:
1. Aluminum alloy door: aluminum alloy building frame made of aluminum material, fan structure door.
2. Aluminum window 3360 aluminum alloy building aluminum material made of the frame, fan structure of the window. Doors and windows are often named "model functional form".
Two, according to the different classification of functional morphology:
1. Push pull 3360 including internal sliding door and sliding door.
2. Plate 3360 includes internal opening, external opening, internal opening and inversion window, upper display window and lower display window.
3. Folding doors and Windows.
Three, aluminum alloy doors and Windows characteristics:
The use performance of aluminum doors and windows is better than wood decorative doors and gradually eliminated ordinary fasting or solid steel doors and windows, wind pressure strength performance, air permeability performance, rain leakage performance, air sound insulation performance, heat insulation performance and opening and closing performance is superior. In addition, the characteristics of aluminum alloy materials make the processing and manufacturing, aluminum assembly and product installation more accurate, which provides important and necessary conditions for meeting the requirements of energy saving design and safety of building envelope.
Four. Comparison of aluminum alloy window and plastic window:
1. Grade difference: aluminum insulation window and plastic steel window are respectively suitable for different buildings of the consumer layer. According to statistics, plastic steel window is suitable for ordinary low-rise housing, often consumers on this level of product quality requirements are not high, but high performance insulation aluminum window is suitable for all kinds of height, different levels of buildings, quality, life performance has withstood the test of high standards.
2. Performance differences: Their energy savings are similar. However, due to the differences in materials, plastic steel windows are prone to deformation after use for a period of time, and the sealing performance is not as good as high performance aluminum windows.
3. Difference in life: due to the material strength and elastic coefficient and wear resistance of the difference is large, so the life of high performance aluminum alloy window is usually greater than the life of plastic steel window.
4. Price difference: Generally speaking, the price of high-performance aluminum windows is usually slightly higher than that of plastic Windows. But in the long run, high performance aluminum windows have a high price but a long life. Plastic windows are cheaper but have a shorter lifespan. Therefore, the comprehensive price cost is considerable.
In conclusion, high performance aluminum window is more competitive.
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