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Aluminum profile development trend and related knowledge introduction

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Update time : 2022-11-29 17:46:37
Aluminum profile is a kind of material with many advantages, and its coating technology can play the function of heat insulation, noise prevention and so on. So what is the development prospect of thermal break aluminum profile?
Thermal break aluminum profile is a new kind of material, which is different from the plastic steel window. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows generally refer to the use of thermal break aluminum profile and insulating glass, its profile structure is composed of aluminum alloy and thermal insulation resistance bar, the resistance bar will be disconnected and connected with thermal break aluminum profile, doors and windows with energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dust prevention, waterproof and other functions. So, specifically speaking, what are the outstanding advantages of thermal break aluminum profile?
1. Reduce heat conduction: The thermal break aluminum profile, its heat conduction coefficient is 1.8 ~ 3.5W/m2·k is much lower than the ordinary aluminum window profile 140 ~ 170W/m2·k; Using hollow glass structure, the heat conduction coefficient of 3.17 ~ 3.59W/m2·k is much lower than that of ordinary aluminum alloy profile 6.69 ~ 6.84W/m2·k, effectively reducing the heat conduction through the doors and windows.
2. Prevent condensation: The temperature of the inner surface of the profile with insulation strip is close to the indoor temperature, reducing the possibility of indoor moisture condensation on the profile surface due to oversaturation.
3. Energy saving: In winter, a window frame with insulation can reduce the heat loss through the window frame by 1/3; In the summer, if it is air-conditioned, window frames with insulation strips can reduce energy loss even more.
4. Protect the environment: Through the application of heat insulation system, energy consumption can be reduced, while reducing the environmental radiation caused by air conditioning and heating.
5. Reduce noise: Using hollow glass structure with different thickness and thermal break aluminum profile cavity structure, can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound wave, prevent sound transmission, can reduce noise more than 30dB.
6. Rich and colorful colors: With anodic oxidation and powder spraying surface treatment, more than 200 different colors of RAL color aluminum profiles can be produced. After rolling combination, the thermal insulation aluminum window can produce indoor and outdoor two-color windows with different colors.
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