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What should we pay attention to when stretching the aluminum profile?

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Update time : 2022-11-24 18:43:33
1. Aluminum profile manufacturers in the cooling bed in the feeding and moving and stretching process of aluminum profiles shall not rub, pull, overlap, crowded, wound together, should be reserved between each other a certain interval. The easy to bend, the length of the material should be dealt with in time, when necessary, do a good job of mutual protection.
2. The aluminum profile must be stretched when the profile is cooled to below 50 degrees before it can be moved to the stretching frame for stretching work. If the temperature is too high, the stretching will not only scald the human body, but also burn the wool strip.
3. Because of the hair strip has the effect of heat resistance, the profile with high decorative surface requirements must be turned more up and down before and after, to facilitate uniform heat dissipation, reduce the transverse bright spot defects caused by uneven heat dissipation, pay attention to the thickness ratio is high, the length of the wall, the arc, the size of the wall is large, the shape of the thin teeth, the arc surface, the inclination surface, the opening, the angle and so on. Prevent partial or point-like dimensional deformation, twisting, spiral and other defects of the profile.
4. The amount of stretching is controlled at about 1%. For example, the amount of 25M profile stretching should be about 25CM after straightening the profile, but it must not exceed 2%. In production, it should be adjusted according to the actual situation of aluminum extrusion and various specific requirements. In the contradictory technical requirements, the drawing amount which can meet various specific requirements at the same time should be sought. Too much stretching will lead to the size deviation of the head and tail, the surface of the water striate fish scale marks, low elongation, high hardness and low plasticity. Too low tensile amount will make the compressive strength and hardness of aluminum profile is low, even aging can not improve the hardness, aluminum profile is easy to arc bending.
5. In order to control the amount of tensile deformation and better control the size of the whole aluminum profile, appropriate special clamping pad and appropriate methods should be used. Especially the opening material, the arc material, the cantilever material, and the curved shape of the profile more attention should be paid to the reasonable and effective use of the tensile clamping pad. When necessary, the center of the stretching profile should be controlled by a centralizing or stopper to ensure that the stretching size between the head, middle and end sections meets the requirements of the aluminum profile.
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