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What should be paid attention to in the process of aluminum extrusion profile bending?

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Update time : 2023-02-13 16:23:08
It is estimated that many people are not able to process the aluminum extrusion profile. What is the aluminum extrusion profile processing? This word, I believe that many people have not heard of, the following is a detailed introduction, the process of bending circle, need to pay attention to the matters, the following is the specific content:
Industrial aluminum extrusion profile more and more close to the world's rapid development of the industrial field, but how to better find a high-tech aluminum extrusion profile bending manufacturers, has become a big problem. In real life, the profile directly extrusion can not meet the use of various industries by far. It needs to be finished by later finishing. With the rapid changes of society, science and technology is more and more developed. So there are more and more methods of processing aluminum extrusion profile, such as the most basic CNC CNC processing, cutting, welding, tapping and so on. Besides, in recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence robot industry and wind power industry, many aluminum extrusion profile products need to be processed into curved arcs. Generally speaking, there are many common processing methods, such as rolling machines, pressing machines, and manual bending tools.
Specialized in aluminum extrusion profile processing customization and aluminum extrusion profile bending processing. At present, the company has more than 20 sets of bending equipment, bending length of 12 meters, the top bending length is not limited, but also has two sets of CNC CNC rolling equipment, for the nuclear power industry, artificial intelligence guide rail industry to solve the difficult problem of bending circle. Strong processing ability, can be centralized supply, is the first choice of industrial aluminum extrusion profile bending business, and gathered a large number of skilled, excellent quality of professionals, with the unremitting pursuit of product quality and to meet customer needs, to provide customers with first-class service.
Aluminum extrusion profile bending circle processing, the thicker the unit size, then we need the greater bending strength, but also with the increase in the thickness of industrial aluminum extrusion profile, bending strength in the choice of bending equipment should also be greater.
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