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What are the advantages of transportation aluminum profiles in automotive lightweight?

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Update time : 2022-11-25 16:41:18
Transportation aluminum profiles is widely used in the automobile industry, whether from the automobile manufacturing, automobile operation, scrap car recycling and other aspects of consideration, it has brought huge economic and social benefits, and with the increase of automobile production and social ownership, this benefit will be more obvious.
The benefits brought by the increase in the amount of transportation aluminum profiles are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Promote automobile lightweight, energy saving and consumption reduction, which is beneficial to environmental protection. Usually using 1kg transportation aluminum profiles, the car's body weight can be reduced by 2.25kg.
For a car weighing 1300kg, if its weight is reduced by 10%, its fuel consumption can be reduced by 6-8%. Under normal circumstances, for every 1kg of car weight reduction, 1L of gasoline can make the car travel 0.11km more, or every 100km, can save 0.7kg of gasoline.
2. It can be recycled and reused to further save energy. transportation aluminum profiles parts, easy to remelt recovery, the current recovery rate is not less than 85%. The energy consumption of recycled aluminum alloy is only 3%-5% of that of electrolytic aluminum, so it can save a lot of energy.
3. Increase corrosion resistance and prolong service life. Aluminum alloy profiles under normal temperature natural conditions, the surface can generate a layer of dense oxide film, the oxide film can prevent the aluminum alloy matrix further and the oxygen in the air reaction, so the surface treatment of transportation aluminum profiles material its corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance is much higher than iron and steel materials.
4. Help to improve the smooth running of the car, ride comfort and safety. Reduce the weight of the car, improve the driving performance of the car. A 25% reduction in the car's weight will reduce the speed to 60 MPH from 10 seconds to 6 seconds.
Because the use of transportation aluminum profiles is to reduce the weight of the car without reducing the volume of the car, so that the car is more stable, when the impact of the transportation aluminum profiles structure can absorb more energy, so it's safer and more comfortable.
5. Strong standardized design and manufacturing adaptability. In modern large-scale industrial production, which material has stronger adaptability to standardized design and manufacturing will be welcomed by designers and technologists, and will become one of the preferred materials for engineers and managers. The advantage of transportation aluminum profiles in this respect is that the investment of tools and molds is low, so the production cycle of parts is short, and the cycle of products to the market can be shortened.
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