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The whole process of aluminum profile extrusion production and processing

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Update time : 2022-09-19 20:45:24
The aluminum profile extrusion process actually starts from the product design, because the design of the product is based on the given use requirements, and the use requirements determine many final parameters of the product. Such as the machinability, surface treatment performance and environmental requirements of the product, these properties and requirements actually determine the choice of the type of extruded aluminum alloy. The performance of aluminum profiles extruded from the same aluminum alloy depends on the design shape of the product. The shape of the product determines the shape of the extrusion die. Once the design problem is solved, the actual extrusion process starts from the aluminum cast bar for extrusion. The aluminum cast bar must be heated to soften it before extrusion, and the heated aluminum cast bar is put into the ingot of the extruder. Inside the cylinder, the high-power hydraulic cylinder pushes the extrusion rod, and the front end of the extrusion rod has a extrusion pad, so that the heated and softened aluminum alloy is extruded from the precision forming hole of the mold under the strong pressure of the extrusion pad. forming. That's what the mold does: to produce the desired shape of the product.
The extrusion direction is from left to right. This is a brief description of the most widely used direct extrusion. Indirect extrusion is a similar process, but there are some very important differences. In the direct extrusion process, the die does not move. The aluminum alloy is pushed through the die hole by the extrusion rod pressure. In the indirect extrusion process. The die is installed on the hollow extrusion rod, so that the die extrudes the stationary aluminum billet, forcing the aluminum alloy to extrude the hollow extrusion rod through the die.
In fact, the extrusion process is similar to squeezing toothpaste. When pressure is applied to the closed end of the toothpaste, the cylindrical toothpaste is squeezed out from the circular opening. If the opening is flat, the toothpaste squeezed out is in the form of a ribbon. Of course, complex shapes can also be extruded from openings of the same shape. For example, cake makers use specially shaped tubes to squeeze ice cream to make all kinds of decorative lace, all they do is actually extrusion. While you can't make a lot of useful products out of toothpaste or ice cream, you can't just squeeze an aluminum alloy into an aluminum tube with your fingers. But you can rely on powerful hydraulic presses to extrude aluminum alloys from shaped die holes to produce a wide variety of useful products in almost any shape.
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