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Processing flow of industrial aluminum alloy profiles

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Update time : 2022-08-15 14:13:54
Industrial aluminum profiles (also known as industrial aluminum extrusions, industrial industrial aluminum), industrial aluminum profiles are aluminum bars with different cross-sectional shapes obtained by hot-melting and extrusion, and the proportions of other alloy materials added are different. The mechanical properties and application fields of industrial aluminum will also vary. Industrial aluminum profiles are widely used, so what steps are included in the processing process?
1. Do a good job in structural analysis and design according to field research
In the preparatory work of industrial aluminum profile processing, a scientific and reasonable analysis must be done on the site or structure that needs to be constructed, and a comprehensive analysis should be done from the perspectives of bearing capacity, strength and structural space, as well as overall aesthetics, to prevent construction or use. Because of the omissions in the early stage, unnecessary adverse effects will be produced in the later stage; the structural analysis must be carried out in combination with the connection method, and the scientific and reasonable selection of the connection method in combination with the industrial aluminum profile accessories ensures the beauty and practicability of the overall effect.
2. Measure the dimensions according to the drawings
Technical personnel need to do a good job of structure drawing according to the overall planning of the construction site, and then do a good job of overall loss estimation of the overall material according to the drawings to ensure cost savings, and finally do a good job of overall size measurement to ensure the accuracy of late cutting.
3. Do a good job of accurate cutting (cutting can be divided into right Angle cutting and different Angle cutting)
According to the drawings and size data to do accurate cutting of industrial aluminum, to ensure the accuracy of industrial aluminum size in the cutting process, to prevent the later installation of the docking is not rigorous, the structure is not strong and so on; Industrial aluminum cutting must choose accurate ruler cutting saw to ensure accurate profile size.
4. Make connection analysis according to the structure and different accessories
According to the different structure and the strong performance of the frame and the connection way to select different structure of the connection parts to do a good job of connection, to ensure the beauty and practicality of the frame results, to ensure the bearing range and strength of the frame structure, to prevent unnecessary adverse effects in the later stage.
5. Combine accessories to start group installation
Installation according to the drawing of profile structure frame can achieve the effect of rapid installation, save a lot of time and manpower, and reduce the cost input.
6. Overall structure inspection
After the installation, the overall structure and details should be carefully inspected to ensure the firmness of the product structure.
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