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Industrial aluminum profiles extrusion technology continues to improve and perfect

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Update time : 2023-02-17 15:28:39
In recent years, in addition to the improvement and perfection of the forward and reverse extrusion method and its process, many new processes and methods to strengthen the extrusion process have appeared, and have been applied in practice. Such as plane combination die extrusion, variable section extrusion, water cooling die extrusion, flat extrusion, wide extrusion, precision gas, water mist cooling online quenching extrusion, continuous extrusion and continuous casting extrusion technology, new technology for expanding the variety of industrial aluminum profiles. It has positive significance to improve extrusion speed and overall production efficiency, improve product quality, explore the potential of industrial aluminum profiles, reduce extrusion pressure, save energy and funds, and reduce costs.
Since the 1980s, the growth rate of aluminum alloy extrusion materials is as high as 9.5% per year on average, not only more than the other processing materials of aluminum alloy (such as twice the rolling material), but also greatly exceeds the growth rate of steel materials. According to incomplete statistics, the annual output of industrial aluminum profiles in the world has reached 18 million tons. Due to the increase in the application of civil aluminum profiles, and the proportion of military extrusion materials in the total amount of aluminum extrusion materials has dropped to less than 5%, the results have greatly increased the proportion of soft alloys and greatly reduced the proportion of hard alloys. Taking the 1990s as an example, the ratio of soft and hard alloys in industrial aluminum profiles in the United States was 10∶1, and that in Japan was 20∶1. Because industrial aluminum profiles are developing towards large, flat and wide, and integrated direction, the proportion of industrial aluminum profiles is rising day by day, and has reached about 10% of the entire profile output. At present, there are more than 10000 kinds of industrial aluminum profiles, including 5000 kinds of large and medium-sized materials, including all kinds of profiles with complex shapes, gradually changing section profiles and stage changing section profiles, large integral steel wall panels and special-shaped hollow profiles. The maximum width of the extrusion profile can reach 2500mm, the maximum section area can reach 1500cm², the maximum length can reach 28-36m, and the maximum weight can reach 5t. The width and thickness ratio of thin-walled wide profiles can reach 150~300, and the number of holes of hollow profiles with holes can reach dozens. The maximum outer diameter of the aluminum alloy bar and pipe is 1000mm, the outer diameter of the reverse extrusion pipe is 1500mm, the wall thickness of the pipe is 0.1mm, and the length of the pipe is 1000m.
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