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Aluminum extrusion profile cut seven spots of attention

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Update time : 2023-04-17 09:25:30
As is known to all, aluminum has been widely used in all walks of life because of its many characteristics. Because aluminum tends to be very long, we always have to cut an aluminum extrusion profile product when using it. So when we cut aluminum extrusion profile products, what should we pay attention to?
What's the best way to cut aluminum extrusion profile? How do you cut it? What is the method of cutting?
1. Choose a professional saw blade cutting the best. Because the hardness of industrial aluminum extrusion profile is not as big as steel, it is relatively easy to saw it, but because the hardness is not large enough and it is easy to stick aluminum, so the blade must be sharp, and it will be replaced after a period of time.
2. Choose the right lubricating oil. If you don't use lubricating oil to cut directly, the cut aluminum extrusion profile will have a lot of burrs, which is difficult to clean. And it hurts the saw blade.
3. Most industrial aluminum extrusion profiles are cut at a right angle, and some need to be cut at an oblique angle, with 45 angle being more common. It is necessary to control the angle when cutting the bevel angle, and it is best to use the CNC saw machine to saw.
Seven points you must pay attention to when cutting aluminum extrusion profile:
1. Check the product and size: before cutting, check the product surface and profile size, mark defective aluminum extrusion profile, cut the defect first, and then cut the size.
2. Set length: aluminum extrusion profile before sawing, should first determine the size length of aluminum extrusion profile product, cutting product should check the size length.
3. Cooling lubrication: in order to prevent the saw blade from heating, the lubricating oil should be cooled when cutting.
4. Table clean: when cutting, cutting saw table should be kept clean, aluminum extrusion profile should not overlap cutting, so as not to scratch the surface of the profile.
5. Place spacing: place aluminum extrusion profile with high density or thickness, and the spacing between the partitions should be 50-100 mm.
6. Put neatly: aluminum extrusion profile when installing the frame, it should be neat, each layer is separated by horizontal strips, and the thickness of each layer of horizontal strips should be consistent, not less than 4 strips.
7. Count the number of roots: after installing the frame, check the number of roots, and indicate the frame number, aluminum extrusion profile specification, length, number of roots, quality, etc., on the card.
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