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A small coup for choosing aluminum profile accessories at a glance!

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Update time : 2022-07-25 10:02:21
We all know that the industrial aluminum alloy profile frame is characterized by modularization and lightweight assembly. In the process of installation, aluminum profile accessories are essential. However, when many people just come into contact with the aluminum alloy frame structure, the problem they often encounter is the choice of accessories. Which accessory to choose? How to install? Can it meet your own personalized installation requirements?
The installation and use of accessories are still relatively high in the composition of the aluminum alloy frame, and they have a crucial impact on the use and safety of the frame structure. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with choosing accessories of better quality. If the quality is too poor, it is easy to break or loosen during later use, which will affect the stability and safety of the frame structure. So how should you choose? You can refer to the following points!
1. Select accessories based on the connection mode. Frame structure generally uses 2 or 3 profiles of the right angle connection, in the case of no need to install the plate, can use the corner code connection. Plates to be installed can be connected with built-in bolts and nuts.
2. According to the size of the profile used for the selection of accessories specifications, different aluminum alloy profiles have the corresponding size of the connector. Because the slot width and wall thickness of the profile have an impact on the installation of accessories in the later period, such as the use of T-bolts and flange nuts, it is a good helper for the installation of corner parts and corner codes. T-bolts of different lengths should be selected according to the slot width and installation requirements of profiles.
3. Select the material of the accessories according to the connection strength. Common materials of fittings fittings are carbon steel, die-cast aluminum alloy, stainless steel, just plated nickel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy. Compare the angle of the corner code of aluminum alloy or die cast aluminum alloy. Bolts and nuts are generally just nickel plated and stainless steel, carbon steel.
4. Select the category of decorative accessories according to the installation requirements. Industrial aluminum alloy materials have profile grooves. For the sake of beauty and practicability, you can choose end face cover and flat sealing groove to seal and cover the end face and groove of the profile, which can play a beautiful and dust-proof role. Choose mobile casters or hoof feet to install at the bottom of the frame, which can play a supporting and moving role. It can be isolated from the ground and reduce friction with the ground.
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