Application of aluminum profiles for doors and windows
Most of the high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows are simple, stylish and high-end. Customized high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows are also suitable for the decoration of villas and large apartments. For quality, pursuit of texture and grade requirements, you can choose aluminum alloy doors and windows, new aluminum alloy doors and windows with broken bridges, the overall decoration effect, and various performances are better.
Curtain wall aluminum profile application
Curtain wall aluminum profiles can obtain new properties that many raw materials do not have, and are high-tech products, both in production and use, with high technical content. Therefore, compared with other decorative materials, it has many advantages.
Solar aluminum profile applications
The application of aluminum is not only we see in the indoor aluminum doors and windows, aluminum alloy wardrobe so simple, it is also used in the daily construction of buildings, industrial buildings, among which solar energy is one.
Application of traffic aluminum profiles
The specific gravity of aluminium (2.7 g/cm3) is less than half that of steel (7.6 g/cm3) and copper (8.5 g/cm3). The potential advantages of aluminum as an ideal lightweight material are becoming more and more apparent.